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Prachi is terrific. She is extremely understanding. It didn't take me too long to open up to her. In a matter of few sessions she gave me very applicable advice. I was surprised with her ability to understand my situation so quickly. It was as if she had ready read my mind. Before starting the sessions I wasn't sure how and if it would be helpful but after talking to her I am so glad that I took therapy and counseling from her. It is very helpful to get an expert's opinion on tough things and situations at any point of our lives. We might think we know the best in our age, but looking at things through a trained and experienced expert's angle has been beneficial for me. I highly recommend Prachi and Letsmile organization for everyone, specially for women of my age, who can benefit a lot from an unbiased look at their situations. I work in spirituality and mental well-being field for the past 15 years, but even then one comes across situations where an outsider help can really help to bring us on track. And since I understand this field, I can also vouch for Prachi's integrity and loyalty to the ethics of the field. Thanks a lot Prachi for helping us.

Anju Bhargava

Therapy sessions with Prachi has helped me change my perspective towards life, channelling my thoughts in a better way, understand the pattern of overthinking and live my life a bit more positively. She has very calm and comforting demeanour which really helps you to open up about your problems and help deal with it. I would highly recommend Let smile :)

Mudit Khatri

My experience with Dr. Prachi was great. She helped me understand myself better and have perspective in my life. I went to her with so many mental criticalities - continuous state of confusion, lacl of concentration, always irritated, short-tempered and many more. She was very patient and empathetic. She gave me all the time to share my thoughts and then she offered her expert advice and helped me see things clearly fr a different angle. I am very calm now and have control over myself (something that i had lost few years back). I highly recommend her. She is a great listener and a wonderful therapist. I am extremely thankful to her and would not hesitate to come back to her if ever again i feel like i need her help!

Sneha Singh

I’d been to Prachi when I tried counselling for the first time some 3 years back. I had several questions and doubts if it would work and if I’m choosing the right person for counselling and so on and so forth, but soon those doubts were put to rest. I found myself comfortable with her without even trying. I find it difficult to share my emotions with people, hence when I was caught up in my emotions a couple of months ago and couldn’t handle any longer, I turned to her again. She’s the right person to go to, if you want to be heard without being judged. She’s very patient and god knows I’m an emotional mess, a bundle of anxiety but she’s been able to help me seek clarity and helped me discover ways I could deal with it. She doesn’t impose anything on you, rather works with you to find a mutual approach. She’s professional and friendly and you don’t feel you’re under a spotlight or anything which really helps open up.


I was unsure at first as it was my first time taking counciling, wasnt easy for me. After a few sessions it actually made me feel better. Prachi mam was calm the whole time, she listened to all my problems in a very calm approach. Listening to her suggestions did help me in getting my mind under control. My relationship is back on track, I have gotten my sleep back which I had been missing for a long time. Try a few sessions yourself with her and you will know what I am talking about.

Kabir Soankar

When I started therapy, to be honest, I didn't have a lot of expectations because I have always been a firm believer of no one can understand your mind better than you yourself as well as pretty useless past experiences from other psychologists. I started nevertheless, bothered by long running insomnia and on the advice of my psychiatrist. Moreover, I also did not have very high hopes from online therapy. Boy, I was wrong! Prachi has been this person who managed to make me feel at home and comfortable since day 1. The virtual barrier never even mattered much while opening up to her. I felt understood, acknowledged, empathised and sympathised with all the time but most importantly, she was always capable of challenging my notions, arguments and providing a new perspective with regards to my thought process. I can't say my insomnia has been resolved completely but I have made major changes to the way I process emotions and view the world in general, with her help. Emotionally, I am at a much better place because of her. Therapy is a process (which I am still in) and not a one/two day thing and requires a lot of effort on the personal front too. I think it's important to trust the process and leave the rest on Prachi. She is one of the best out there!


Deepa mam is a very good listener . she is a very motivating person . she understand my problem and give a good solution .

Game Max

I was not doing well when I went for my first session. Sessions with Deepa Banerjee have me helped me so much. I feel like a better version of myself now. I could relate to her and it was easier for me to open up to her. The methods prescribed by her for dealing with my anxiety helped a great deal. I will be following these methods for the rest of my life.


The experience with Deepa ma'am is very insightful into the matters of my mental state. She listens to you patiently, understands the situation, and tells you the actual causes of the occurrences that happen with explanations of solutions. I will surely recommend people requiring therapy to Deepa ma'am.

Beast X

I would say, it would be very less if I say thanks to Praachi. She is the one, who didn't asked/forced me to follow her way or who didn't tried to guide me, rather she helped me to find out my own way by myself to solve my problems. That experience was really awesome.Thanks much Praachi. If anyone need any kind of help in terms of mental peace, I would always recommend her Name blindly. "If you need help, don't worry. Go for it. It's never too late to refine your mental peace"

Riya Dutta

I underwent counselling sessions with Prachi, which helped me a lot. Though her excellent listening skills and mindful presence she helped me see the issues at hand clearly and arrive at solutions. Her gentle exploration and ability to make you aware of self are indeed an asset to any therapist. I strongly recommend her to those who need help in well being.

Jyoti Pande

I had an amazing experience with Deepa ma'am, my counsellor. She is very understanding and friendly. After my sessions, I felt much better. I can focus on my work well. All the issues I was facing are slowing getting resolved. I think taking these sessions was one of the best decisions I ever made. These sessions worked out for me better than I had thought they would. Thank you so much Deepa ma'am, and thank you LetSmile Counseling for helping me out. :)

Sreetama Bhowmick

I consulted with Dr. Deepa Bannerjee for the problems I faced in my life and now I can say that I am going towards the right direction in my life. Thank you to Deepa for all the help she provided. It was a nice experience.

Jhilik Dutta

Counselling helps me a lot during my crisis time. It helps you recover from depression. My therapist Deepa Banerjee is amazing and helped me a lot during my crisis period. Thanks to team let smile. 2

Chaitali Mukherjee

In late 2019, early 2020, I was going through a difficult phase in my personal life which was taking a toll on my mental health and subsequently physical health as well. Times such as these come in everyone's lives which need to be seriously addressed and not lightly ignored due to social pressures or any stigma attached to mental health issues. I happened to meet Ms. Prachi Rathi during my visit to Kolkata last year. I didnt know much about her but simply trusted her credentials and wanted to seek advice. During the first appointment, I was quite impressed with her professionalism and the comforting manner in which i was heard patiently. The main issue arising was regarding subsequent sessions as my work is at sea. Even then, she assured me in flexibility of sessions whenever it would be possible. With being in different time zones, monthly 1-2 half hour online sessions were planned keeping in mind my work constraints, internet availability as well as her schedule. With her, one can be rest assured that she would genuinely give in her best towards all aspects of counselling. Over the sessions which were planned, i was heard patiently and then given suggested ways of proceeding further. Few ways were journaling, getting busy with my passions in free time, trying to balance my approach, being grateful, practising forgiveness and much more.Review sessions were then held to know my progress. These really helped to calm and lower anxiety levels. I did find my concentration levels increased with reduced irritability, I took the sessions purely to help me find my balance after the events which had occured in preceeding year. I am a much happier person now with a slightly slowed pace. Life is there to be enjoyed and I hope many reading this take mental health issues seriously and not shy away due to the sheer misconceptions attached. Ms. Prachi Rathi, whos based in Kolkata and heads LetSmile, is a very capable professional who can be genuinely trusted for counselling. I would be allways grateful that I met her.

T Dutta

Speaking to Prachi was like talking to the mirror. She opens up the mind and removes the conflict in our mind the way we untangle earphones ( No one likes to mess with a tangled earphones , Just like Conflicts in our mind) , but the joy you get once its done is pure bliss. Do yourself a favour and consult her if you too want to untangle your wires

Nikhil Agarwala

Dr. Prachi is very humble. She listened everything with patience. I was very depressed and had anxiety. She gave me hope and courage to deal with the situations of my life. She is the lifesaver. Thanku Dr. Prachi.

Aradhna Rana

It was a great experience. I feel extremely light and happy after talking to my therapist. I would recommend to anybody who needs it irrespective of their age.

Kamala Agarwal

a month ago My experience with Prachi Ma’am was a great one. I never thought that the therapy sessions would change me so much and that too in little time. I had fun in all the activities that we did, in all the conversations that we had. I just needed some 3 or 4 sessions to come back to my happy self. I would recommend everybody to take her therapy sessions whenever you face any issue because she’s gonna help you come out of it. And would motivate you to live a better life.

Muskan Jhunjhunwala

I had a very good experience with Prachi. She is an amazing psychologist. She understood my problems and advised various activities which boosted my motivation and attention to a great extent. Not only this, her way of dealing with issues is worth appreciating but also she brought out one talent which i never knew was within me. With her advise i started devoting my time in creating Zentangle Art and to my surprise i am doing it so well. I am getting appreciation from people around me and that indeed helps me elevate my confidence to next level.

Payal Bhattacharjee

Prachi has a very simple yet effective way of counselling. Each time I meet her for my sessions, She makes me feel at ease and ensures I open up without much efforts (she reads between the lines and confirms if I actually meant that) . She always has simple solutions to the most complex situations. I must confess, she is such a delight to talk to, sometimes I create situations to find a solution thru her. She has always exceeded my expectations in the last 1.5 years of my association with her. God bless her!!!

Abhijit Pradhan

The discussion helped me to get a clarity in my future endeavours. She is a good listener and try to understand your problems and give a very neutral opinion. I felt extremely relaxed while talking to her. It was a good experience.

Abyaya Dhar

She is the best psychologist...she understood my problem so well and quickly...i am glad that i took the session....i felt so much better after talking with her...Thank you so much Prachi Ma'am...

Harjot Singh

So, I have been seeing Prachi Rathi mam for a little more than 3 months now. I had never done counseling before this. I was motivated to change my life for the better. She has helped me with depression. Helped me get out of gaming and YouTube addiction. Taught me how to have conversations (I had trouble talking with women especially). Suggested 2 great books that are helping a lot in self-development. Helped me resume my work again(Was not working at all for more than a year). Helped with anger management. All in all, it is really a great experience to have someone listen to you so patiently and try to help you with your problems. I am very much thankful to her for changing my life. Thanks a Lot!! Sagar Tolani

Sagar Tolani

Prachi ma'am is very friendly, she will listen to you and understand you and help you to come out of it. She's very motivating and positive. I would recommend her highly if you are facing anything in your personal/professional life which you cannot talk about. She's always there for her patients.

Snigdha Roy

I shared a great bond bond with miss Prachi... She is like a friend who accepts u in every way....and solve ur mysterious life problems.. She is great in understanding ur problems... Giving u best advice....push u to become a better person... After talking to her I feel lighter regarding my stress. So thanku so much.. For helping my out at this pandemic situation... When I was feeling so depressed.. U gave me hope. Lots of best wishes..

Aarti Redhu

Counselling sessions with Prachi have definitely made me rethink about certain negative thoughts and situations I faced due to the pandemic and the lockdown to be a better version of myself. Great person to talk to and take advices from. :)

Agnit Nandy

Even when life seems all good there might me some issues that may not let one be happy, self confident or optimist. To attain that, one needs a healthy mindset ands emotional balance....And that was when I realised I need some help and that it was time to break the stigma about not talking or asking for help for emotional and mental well being. It was then I found the right person Ms. Prachi Rathi at LetSmile. From day one to this present day I have always found her sessions and advices very helpful and have helped me regain optimism and purpose of living my life again..... Every session with her I've learnt something new and positive approach towards life.

Priya Biswas

I am an intern at Letsmile and Prachi is my guide. It's been a wonderful experience working with her, learning from her, getting to have the knowledge she bores. I have learned a lot from her these past few months but I'm still yet to learn a lot as she has immense knowledge to share. She is very friendly and so it's really very easy to get along with her. I'm really glad that I am doing my internship under her.

Deepa Banerjee

My experience was amazing with Psychologist Prachi ma'am. I had a lot of issues before consulting her such as self-esteem issues, phobias, etc. But after taking counseling from her, I recovered a lot. I could focus on my studies much better. Maam also taught me self love and self-acceptance. Now I feel like I'm free from all those problems and I can see a happy future only because of her. I also pursued one-month internship training program under her. Almost all the important concepts of counseling were covered in the course module. I got to learn a lot from her.


I trained under Ms. Prachi Rathi for over a month where she trained us in counselling skills and gave us deep insights into how everything works in the world of counselling. The course was extremely wholesome and was conducted in a very interactive and practical-based manner. The kind of experience i have got here is rare for any undergraduate to get and i am extremely satisfied with all that the course had to offer. Additionally, Prachi's passion for the field is not only contagious but also highly evident in the way that she structures and follows through with her sessions while her teaching techniques are also interesting and engaging. The whole experience was massively enriching and i would recommend her without even thinking twice.

Sanskriti Agarwal

I have completed my internship under LetSmile, it was my first and best internship, teaching is really good, we got the best coaching and knowledge about Counselling and how to be a Counsellor. The therapies and techniques were thought clear with case studies and role-play. Ms.Prachi is really a well-trained Counsellor and a really good teacher, she made the internship more interesting with a different activity every day. I got new friends and we are another family here, and I am so happy to be part of LetSmile.

Nivethitha Negrita

One of my best experiences was interning with Let’s Smile ! It’s been a wonderful journey . Prachi has given a delightful experience throughout !

Varshi Parva

My experience with LetSmile was as an intern in Counseling Psychology. The internship was for a month. I was amazed how Ms. Prachi from the first day of the internship was able to make us all interns so comfortable. We studied and we had fun; it was all very productive and worthwhile. Everything was done online because of the lock down. But never did any of us feel secluded because of it. Ms. Prachi is extremely knowledgeable, wise and an experienced counselor. She made us engaged in a lot of activities to help us understand how counseling works. It gave us an understanding about the kind of issues that one might experience and seek help for. It benefitted me a lot in professional and personal ways. I learned so much that even college hasn't taught me. Very informative. The entire one month went by and I didn't even realize. I definitely recommend Prachi Rathi as someone who you can reach out to. She's one of the very special persons that I am glad to have had a virtual encounter with. Thank you LetSmile. A very special experience which I can't forget.

Anwesha Sen

I had been suffering from anxiety and depression for the past one year. People like me need to voice their problems to someone who would listen to us, without judgements and guide us a way out of our problems. The sessions with Prachi helped me a lot. Apart from being a great psychologist, Prachi is a great person too. Do support her in her venture to become a more environment friendly person.

Purbita Chowdhury

LetSmile Internship has been a thrilling journey.....over a period of 1 month we, a group of over-enthusiastic interns could get a memorable learning experience....and of course, all credit goes to you Prachi for making the sessions so lively and interesting....each topic was well explained and more commendable was the fact that you could actually bring out your success stories with clients in such a way that would serve as an immediate motivation for us...I consider myself extremely privileged to have become a part of the LetSmile family.....this internship is indeed a would be a very good learning experience for all those youngsters out there who want to pursue Counseling as their career.....Loved being a part of it....and Prachi keep up this great work!!!!!!!

Shreetama Mandal

I enrolled for an internship program at LetSmile and I had an amazing experience. Prachi has an immense knowledge about psychology and she taught us very efficiently. Her practical exposure combined with her academic excellence truly made the experience holistic. Would definitely recommend her internship programs to others!

Viddhi Thakker

Awesome! Indeed it makes one smile as the name suggests. Mam is an extraordinary person who helps you out in every way possible and tries to keep you aloft and cope with your mental health issues. One can always look up here for any guidance required.

Utsav Gupta

Honestly the best therapist I could've asked for. I've only been seeing Prachi for about two months or so now but she's been such a help and an amazing guidance when it comes to absolutely anything that impacts my mental health. I've never left a session feeling confused or dissapointed about not finding the answers I needed. She's very friendly and easy going, and keeps checking up from time to time which helps keep track of when I need a session. :)

Radhika Agarwal

I was an intern in LetSmile. It was a 1-month internship. The internship was extraordinary and Ms. Prachi was always sweet and managed us all. She was not just an instructor, she was also a mentor, teacher, senior, and friend who helped me. It was one if my best decision to join the internship and am glad I joined it.

Aravind Krishnan

My therapist is Prachi. It’s my first counseling ever and I am more than satisfied. I am receiving help in sectors which I never thought I would have a guide to. It all comes down to empathy and skills in my opinion. And Prachi is the one with both along with many more fine qualities , I am sure. I am a better person now than I was before the counseling.There are many individuals who need help every now an then especially when it comes to the brain and it’s supporting hormones. Depression and anxiety are more commonly used in this era. We need help and You should keep up the good service to mankind. Take care.

Dr. Alex

Her analysis of my handwriting was pretty spot on. She took time to explain everything she had analysed. She also told me how to get over the shortcomings that was visible in my handwriting. Overall, I was very happy with the session. Looking forward to seeing her again.

Sourav Goyal

I am really very happy to meet Dr.Prachi. She listens to her patients without being judgemental. I could share my thoughts and issues with her easily without any second thoughts. She made me realise the actual problem and helped me to accept it and carry on. Sessions with her gave me an insight about myself. Being a graphologist, she also advised me a few changes in my writing style which is helping me to improve myself.. I will always be thankful to you! :)

Aishwarya Agarwal

M really thankful to her.. she was there when no 1 stood by me.. she taught me to deal with the problems.. and she is friendly nd polite in nature.. m really proud of her.. "Thank so much ma'am.. just bcoz of u, again m able to smile and enjoy mah life.


For the last 2 years, I've been visiting Prachi Ma'am, and she is one of the warmest person I've ever met. She magically had the solution to all my problems, and helped me come out of it. She listened and she understood and the best part was that she didn't judged me even the slightest bit. The difference in me is notable and I only have her to thank for it. I completed my therapy session today and I haven't felt better.I would definitely recommend her for anyone who is going through any kind of problem. I would, once again, thank her for helping me through one of the most difficult phases of my life. :)

Madhurima Dutta

She has listened to all my problems very patiently. Accordingly she has given me advices in which direction I need to move forward in my life . It was worth having sessions with her.

Shrishti Baid

It was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life.NOBODY was ready to listen to me or to be frank everybody ignored me.....at that point prachi mam not only heard all what I had to say but also she helped me in every issue without being judgmental. Her honesty and dedicated therapy is just awesome.I was honored to meet such a therapist...had no idea before meeting her that life can be seen like these also which paths had she led me into.I highly recommend to help yourselves if you wanna speak out.My best wishes to you mam...may god bless you.


I had met my doc Prachi, doc may not be the right term coz she is more than that. without giving medicine she can make u feel much much better. I had spoke to her only for couple of sessions n she patiently listened to me. To all my issues she made me realized the solution myself. Her advice for day to day activities really worked. if i get opportunity out of my schedule i would surely visit her again.. Thanks Prachi you have been a great support.


I spent with her was more than satisfying. She is too good. Her ability to understand you is also great. I think I made the right choice of visting a counsellor and then when I was placed to her, I guess that was the best thing to happen in life. She inspired me to write blogs and I am very happily doing it. Thank you doctor.

Rishabh Agarwala

Dr. Prachi Rathi is very positive in her approach. She makes learning exciting. I had attended her recent workshop on graphology. I loved the way she explained each and every aspect of it. Starting from it's history to its relevance. She made us understand many aspects I was unaware of. She is so dedicated in her work that it shows in her presentation. I was truly inspired by Prachi . Keep doing great work. Best of luck and Thank You. There's lots more to learn from Dr Prachi..


She was apt for the job & made me aware of deiffrent perspectives of looking at situations. Strongly recommended.

Kumar Siddharth

I visited Doctor Prachi on behalf of some deeper issues I was facing in life. I like her approach to the counselling from day 1 itself she listens to you patiently and made me realise how I could reach my goals one step at a time and see life from a new perspective.I was earlier under medication with the help of her positive influence and support I am able to blend practicality into my life and lower doses. I would really recommend counselling from her for stress,depression or any other problems.


Prachi is an excellent graphologist. I did a graphology session with her and her analysis of my handwriting was unbelievable. The results were bang on. She could tell so much about me just from my handwriting. She pointed out my strengths and weaknesses. And gave me some graphotherapy tips by which I can overcome my shortcomings. She even advised me on my career options. I loved the session with her and would definitely recommend her.

Priyanka Jaiswal

I have just undergone my 3rd counselling today . U r a wonderful person. The way u explain and find out the solution is so amazing. U r an excellent person. Life seems good,easy and beautiful after visiting and talking to u. U give a lot of positive vibes whenever I get an opportunity to recommend u I'll definitely do that. Slowly I'm living my life, smiling gaining positive energy within me only because of u. Thank u so much. Letsmile thank u ;-)

Soma Gor

I started the therapy and on the first day she behaved not like my doctor but like a friend. She made me comfortable and from the first day I enjoyed every session. I had a long list of problems and she listened to it very carefully and helped me to find the solutions. I'll definitely recommend her as a doctor for everyone. Also the therapy was so good as there was no medication involved.


Extremely wonderful because prachi helped me with my addiction and academics and I understood the cause and how to solve my issues. It made me conscious about all the things I need to improve for a betterment. Talking it out was very much needed and my therapist took great care of me. I'm very happy after the sessions and would recommend LetSmile to anyone who is looking for counselling

Rhine SenGupta

She Listens to her client with great patience and responds after deeply analysing the situation. Best part is she owns the pain of client and advice wise solution.Her priority is to improve quality of life by addressing issues with positive approach. highly recommend people to consult her to achieve peace of mind.#letsmile #letstalk

Abhishek Sarda

Going to Miss Prachi has helped me overcome some crucial issues that kept me from being myself. She has been extremely patient and cooperative with me. She has given me a new lease to life. She has shown me an alternative outlook and what is more important is that she has helped me find myself all over again.

Angana Adhikari

I went for therapy when I needed an assurance that I am not losing control over my mind or has already lost it. My thoughts were not at all in sync. I contacted with Ms.Prachi Rathi and The first day ,I went to meet her, I was extremely apprehensive. I thought what more can she tell me that Google hasn't told me already. But I was so wrong about it. I shared my thoughts with her, my deepest fears. She didn't interrupt and let me go on. She later explained to me the reasons of my instability. She taught me techniques and in her own unique way assured that I will be alright. She showed me the green signal which I needed to continue my walk in this life. I got better one day at a time, one therapy session at a time. She motivated me to take up a job. Today, I am glad that I took help. Thank you Prachi for your patience and understanding. You are doing great.


I had a very good session with Dr Prachi Rathi.she is a great psychologist and a wonderful human being.I had a couple of sessions with mam Prachi and it feels like she knows about all the problems that a human faces. She makes you comfortable, listens and helps you to treat your problems effectively. If you are looking at strengthening your relationship,developing your true potential,understanding how to do well at work or how you can give back to the world, I would highly recommend all of you to have a session with dr prachi rathi.


LetSmile knows how to bring back lost smiles that had melted into oblivion. Prachi is an ace healer, who is understanding, helpful and knows how to guide according to everyone's individual need. Best wishes for Prachi and LetSmile always

Harsh Vardhan Khemka

Mam Prachi has always been highly energetic regarding her work and knows the exact way every individual needs to be treated to get one out of every difficuilties and obscurity.As the name suggests LetSmile has not only made many smile but also have taught many of how to invest time as a proper resource in daily life.

Archit Agarwal

I am so thankful to have found madam Prachi rathi. I felt so comfortable and confident when spoke to her. From small issues to major life decisions I have benefitted from her warmth and genuine care. I can assure you that Prachi mam will be an invaluable asset to your life. She is also an excellent listener and offers valuable and practical advice for improving life circumstances. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to grow and improve their life situation.I’ve also seen a dramatic improvement in my confidence at work and am able to take a calmer approach to solving problems. I’ve been feeling much more motivated and have received some really positive feedback on the proactive work I’ve been doing as a result. Thanks again for all your help.

Arvind Bajpayee

She is the best counsellor and solved the problem of my child effectively. i am happy with the services as i can see an improvement in my child. best wishes to prachi.

Usha Gupta

I have known Prachi for some time now and she is professionally the best in this field. Her office space is also well decorated and apt for a counselling centre. I would recommend anyone looking for any sort of help for life issues to reach out to her. LetSmile.

Roshan Mundhra

To be very honest Ms. Prachi Rathi founder of LetSmile is a great psychologist and it is very inspiring to see her so much dedicated in her work. I truly appreciate the quality of service provided by LetSmile and I would like to thank Ms. Prachi Rathi for attending me so well. It is a great place to get an appointment if you are wanting to consult a psychologist.


Let's Smile knows how to bring back lost smiles that had melted into oblivion. Prachi is an ace healer, who is understanding, helpful and knows how to guide according to everyone's individual need. Best wishes for Prachi and Let's Smile always.

Ushashi Chakraborti

My experience had been quiet great with Miss. Prachi. She would listen to all the problems patiently and then structure them in a way so that it will start making sense that why it is happening to you. She makes you look at things the way they actually are instead of the way it is perceived in the mind. She addresses each problem at a time which makes it really easy to move forward. The best part is she is very friendly so the fear of being judged or not being able to open up vanishes in the blink of an eye. All in all it was worth visiting her and the experience was great.

Roshan Mantri

I want to thank Prachi.I really enjoyed the therapy process. She is very nice and friendly. I started to gain confident with in myself after all sessions. She helped me to find out my wrong beliefs and helped me to know myself . Thank you for the guidance.

Sudip Sarkar

After going through a really long phase of darkness I decided to consult psychotherapy and I chose prachi and LetSmile for that. And I never repented my decision. My issues were several relationship issues(a bad break up and post trauma),anger issues,low self esteem,career issues and many more. She listened to me with absolute patience and never judged me. we started working on the base problem (relationship issue) and after that things started to get untangled automatically. I have been going to her for last six months and I am at a much better position mentally emotionally. We are still working on some aspects and I sincerely believe we will sort them out too. The best thing was it was me who took all the decisions and she only guided me like a true friend and a counsellor. I have recommended Prachi to a lot of my friends whom I found to be troubled. And it is my advice to everyone going through issues related to mental health- do not ignore them and seek help because we are unable to diagnose our problems sometimes. I highly recommend Prachi and LetSmile for this purpose.

Barsha Mishra

I had a couple of sessions with Prachi and it feels like she knows about all the problems that a human faces. She makes you comfortable, listens and let you let out everything that's eating you out. She gives you a new way to see your problems and a new way to deal with it. The location was a bit hard to find but the chamber is well decorated and makes you feel positive.

Spandan Bhowmik

Prachi di is the best counsellor . She is the school counsellor of don bosco liluah and i too study in don bosco... I was very weak in my studies but because of her my performance in school became very good , my handwriting was worst in the class because of her my handwriting also improved a lot and she supported me any and everywhere. Thanks prachi di for your guidence and support. Letsmile

Gaurav Nahata

Prachi Ma'am is an amazing psychologist. I'm so grateful to her for helping me getting out of my depression. Before visiting her, I used to suffer from inferiority complex ,loneliness. My past memories used to haunt me. I also had a phobia of darkness. But only because of her today I can say that I've overcome all of that and found a different meaning of life which is filled with positivity and hope. She has taught me how to find my own happiness in life, how to love myself without depending on anyone else. Today I feel that I am a completely different person who is confident and happy. And all the credits goes to Prachi Ma'am and LetSmile.

Yagyaseni bhattacharya

Best counsellor i ever had, she was understanding and listening to my issues for more then a year, it take time for me to recover but i am blessed that i had her in my life. she helped me out with many things, apart from my personal issues she counselled me for career as well. thank you Doctor Prachi or as i call you Prachi Di... for being kind and helping me with my miserable life. thank you

Komal Kumari

I would highly recommend anybody suffering from stress, depression, anxiety or any other psychological burden to visit this organisation. They are very non judgemental, patient with every individual and extremely efficient in dealing with their problems.

Radhika Bhawmick

It is an amazing experience with Prachi. She is kind, warm and rather than giving advice or telling directly what the problem is, she works with you and help you to analyse and come up with an answer. This practice helps to build you from inside. I shall always be grateful to her for all the help she has provided and still keep on doing so. Its a life changing phase.

Mohor Roy

Ms. Rathi has helped me a lot. I'm a much happier and a better person than I was a year ago. Thank you so much for helping me!!

Megha Sarkar

My time in counseling with Prachi was limited before I had to relocate. During that brief period, she came across as a patient, and generous listener. I felt I had the space to bring my issues to the table gradually without judgement. She provided some practical tips and advice, which was very helpful at the time.


Prachi is a great counsellor in the sense that she managed to reach out to me in a warm and friendly way. That helped me open up to her. She helped me find the solutions to my educational, personal and family problems myself.

Raul David

I went to Prachi full of fear and trepidation, but fully knowing I needed help. I fully credit her for helping me completely overhaul areas of my life. She is an incredibly open-minded, understanding, ever smiling and empathetic person who made me feel that I could talk about anything. She really helped me to see things as they actually are, and not as I thought they were. She offered many unique, insightful and penetrating interpretations, which questioned many of my actions and thought processes and turned some of my previous beliefs upside down. I was frequently challenged to consider things from a different perspective and acknowledge the influence of my subconscious self. She was brutally candid at times, which I really appreciated, as this was all about openness and honesty and made me realize that things which I took as acceptable, might at times cause stress to those around me. She also helped me air frustrations objectively, when at times, I thought I would hit a brick wall. When I thought I was always right she cleared the perspective and balance, which was the most insightful part of our interactions. Slowly but surely, she helped me navigate a different pathway, and, despite some hurdles along the way, until I felt safe enough to be left in charge of my own life again. I found this as an incredibly cathartic experience and after more than twelve months of therapy, I am in a much better place. I would strongly recommend Prachi and the counselling she provides. Thank you so much, Prachi - you have helped change my life for the better!


Thanking you for what I am today will not be enough yet I would love to Thank You. I had heard that therapists will just ask you about the problems and give solutions which is why when I first met you I was scared of judgements. Thankyou for changing my perception. Prachi is a therapist who makes you comfortable with your problems and you also start discovering the solutions. You never judged me and you never showed pity towards me. You made me feel its okay to lose the charm of living. You made me believe that even if 1% strength is there this 1% can overpower the 99% weakness and it worked. You have given simple and realistic solutions which has made the experience of meeting you a lot more special. I always wanted to love myself and I didnt know how to do. You have given me such directions that I truly love myself. I have become comfortable while dealing with problems and accepting obstacles. Thankyou for making me accept that its okay to face mental health issues. I am a strong woman now. I love the way how you discuss about things through your life examples also. The best part about Prachi is she makes you so comfortable during the session that some problems get resolved on its own. When the whole world would symapthize with me you assured me that I ll be fine and its okay to discuss mental health issues also. You have changed my interpretation about things. You always make an effort to make your clients feel special. What else would a client need. I can write endless things about my experience with you. People out there looking for help please reach out to Prachi as she is a wonderful human being who knows every way to make you feel good. Thankyou so much Prachi. Thank you for everything.

Sweta Jhunjhunwala

I did not have many sessions with Prachi but during that brief time I felt that she was someone who took her job very seriously and was very dedicated to the cause of mental health. Her approach is practical and is meant to ensure that the client takes small yet concrete steps towards improvement. She balances professionalism and friendliness and is easy to open up to. Her office is warmly and brightly decorated with relevant items so the place doesn't feel cold and sterile like many clinics do. I wish her much success.

Somak Mitra

Very nice experience! I was provided with whatever help I needed. The chamber is well decorated and beautiful.

Ishika Didwania

Why not Prefer the place that helps you to live again..out of ur broken parts.. sadness .. make u a stronger person every passin day.. Prachi Mam.. you are Wonders

Shreya Sen

I visited for Anxiety Disorder Counseling She is very friendly. She won't judge you . She has been very patient with me.The way she made me see my issues , Now I don't find them so big and scary. If you need help with something, please go for therapy. Thank you so much Prachi mam.

Sameer Negi

There can be nothing more beautiful than a profession and a person who just doesn't judge. Ever feeling lost or not being able to make right choices then you have hit the right page. She is humble Individual and a great professional.

Prithvi Arora

hii...well what to recommend would rather say whats not there to recommend..Counsellor Prachi is just perfectly suited for her role as her approach towards her clients is not as their patients but rather as pals and her insightful reading of a persons situations always ends up making them a better person. To me she isnt a counsellor only but she will be a friend and confidante in whom you can trust without fear of being judged and she is always more than willing to help and thats what she been doing spreading smile in so many lives and making her own mark. If you need a friend confidante and not just a therapist visit Prachi Maam for she definitely is different from others and surely will be of help. wishing you much success maam and keep spreading smile in lives of people like us ....

Swati Loonia

I would whole heartedly recommend maam.. for being supportive and understanding always.

Kashika Arora

It was a wonderful experience to attend a seminar on team work at our clinic. Learnt some really important aspects on teamwork and how teamwork made our work so easier and comfortable without any pressure. It was all my pleasure and thanking you for giving me a chance to sharing my problem which I'm facing at my workplace. This session have helped me & get back my confidence now I'm able to cope better at my workplace. Thanking you for your contribution to us.

Shamim Akhter

We had this wonderful session at our office few days back on mental health. It was really good to see how some people like Prachi are trying to make others aware that it is also important to look after your mental conditions not only physical. It was a very interactive session, covering some very important topics on criticism and self awareness. Things people tend to forget in today's busy life. thank you Prachi for the session and we look forward for more such sessions.

Akash Singh

It was great experience attending a session with Prachi at our office . Learnt many things from her and she made me realise that where am lacking while dealing with my teammates.

Yogesh Rathi

Today ,we have a wonderful session with Prachi and we have learnt so many things from her. It will help us to build a good team definitely. Thank you for your contribution to us

Supratim Kundu

Today I had a wonderful counselling session with Prachi at my office...I learnt a lot from her and had great fun session which is very unique according to me...Thanx a lot Prachi

Anish Saha

It was a wonderful experience to attend a seminar on mental health counseling at our workplace. Learnt some really important aspects on "how to handle criticism" in such a brief period. Would like to make an appointment in LetSmile in near future.


I attended few counselling sessions with prachi8 mam regarding the issues i was facing at my workplace. these sessions have helped me get back my confidence and now i am able to cope better at my workplace. i am now satisfied with my job and would recommend counselling from her. she is very professional, would listen to you carefully and help you come out of your issues. be patient, and seek help.

Manish Pathak

My sessions with Ms. Prachi has been life changing. My life riddled with problems such as stress, staff management, overspending, past life issues and many more has been very proficiently managed by her counselling sessions. She has very successfully taught the doctors of Jharkhand ophthalmological Society Effective communication skills for doctors.

Dr. Sujoy Samnta

It was great catching up with such an eminent personality in the workshop. you made us encounter with such a worthy info which has made a drastic change in approaching solution to many problems, i must confess that all words spoken were fully energized and motivational enough to extract the full of an employee could do. Thank you so much for blessing us with your immense presence.

Kashif Haque

I was at my lowest when a friend recommended to book an appointment with Prachi ma'am. She made life a whole lot better with meaningful advice and support. I'm in a better place now, thanks to her.

Abhay P.V.

Sometimes it's just what you need. Letting go of your stigmas and notions and talking. Prachi is an amazing listener and helped me a lot in making my life more meaningful.

Divyanshu Agarwal

I met Prachi in one of my most significant condition when I needed someone to tell me what i am worth. She's much younger but has immense potential and rich experience. .. she befriended me and it felt as if i have known her for ages... Had some effective sittings and felt positive... it was so amazing how she understood my condition and emotions... A very good therapist and a promising professional. .. i thank God for sending her to me at the right time.

Jayati Dasgupta

When I went to Prachi, my mind was shrouded by a lot of negative thoughts. I could not proceed in my mind, I did not understand what should be the next step and how to come out of this "cloud". Prachi helped me with this process. Her process of counselling has proved to be extremely effective for me. She is a careful listener, and with time she becomes a very good friend. It seemed that I could pour my heart out during the sessions. Her method of explaining is helpful, at the same time very comforting. She showed me very interesting ways of coming out of the problem and the results were positive. I am really thankful to Prachi for these sessions. I will suggest anyone who is feeling depressed or shrouded by negative thoughts, to visit her.

Sounak Dutta

I was under the guidance of Prachi Rathi ma'am. The first day I went, I was miserable. Long story short, I'm not anymore. I healed completely and it's been possible only because of her. She will listen to you and best part, will understand you with no judgements. She's helped me not only with my relationships with friends and family but also my career. Right now I'm well settled with a job and living my best life. And it definitely wouldn't have been possible without her. You can't regret some decisions, ever. This will always be one of them. Thank you so much.

Madhurima Dutta

My experience with Ms.Prachi was good. I will recommend her for counselling.

Sumanta Ghosh

Prachi ma'am is someone who is very easy to talk to. She will listen to you patiently and you can share all your problems with her.

Yogesh Verma

It has been really a nice experience with her,her sessions are helpful and motivating to uplift myself again and be more positive from within n be happy. And also very nice place with well decor.

Rupsha Bhattacharya

It's amazing and for me specially it gave me a boost in my life.

Ria Goyal

Mental health do takes a troll on our physical health as well. For years now mental health has been neglected and ignored. But it’s really important to give it some attention and care . I approached Prachi when waking up in the morning was a task for me , there was no drive for doing anything for that matter. Prachi helped find me that drive through her sessions. Sadness and depression are two different things . Prolonged sadness is not a phase , it requires care and treatment. It’s time we help her break this and other stigma attached. Let’s smile more often!

Divya Gupta

Smile and wade of tension. Counselling helps. It took me few sessions to realize the severity of issues I had held onto all this while and overcome that. With each session, it kept getting better and today i feel more confident, light, and happy. All thanks to Prachi for being the guiding light in the lowest phase of my life.

Preeti Chandak

When I started consulting prachi ma'am, I was going through a very low phase of my life. I was lost, had no idea what to do or how was I even gonna live my life with such severe anxiety. After only a few sessions, I started to feel the difference in me. She listens to every word so calmly and suggest amazing ways to deal with the problems. Her friendly attitude makes one so comfortable that you won't feel nervous about sharing your problems and doubts. Thank you so much ma'am for understanding me and making things easy for me.

Anshu Priya

I know prachi since last December.At that moment I was going through the worst stage of my life.but with prachi's help I got back my normal life back.even at that moment my health was in a very bad situation..but prachi's counseling n advise helped me even more than the best of the doctor's..prachi rathi to me is one of the best in the field of counseling...prachi's sessions n her way of handling the things are simply the best


Prachi!!! Amazing counselor and a guide. It’s been almost a year now that I have been visiting her . She makes me feel so comfortable and talks like a friend to me . She hears me out so patiently that half my worries just dies out then and there . Each single piece of her advice worked like wonders for me . We know the answers to lot of our own problems but have hard time to implement them , with her guidance it becomes so easy and possible. The positively that she infused in my heart and mind makes you feel so calm . Suddenly my life which I thought was in a big mess have started to fall in place . Everything feels so good now . The irritation and frustration have just vanished. . All thanks to Prachi.

Rashmi Agarwal

Prachi was friendly and nice throughout all the sessions. We went for couple counseling as our marriage was on the rock bottom. When we decided to go for marriage counseling we were recommended her name by a friend. it took several sessions, few couple and few individual as both of us had to work on the marriage and ourselves. today we are doing much better as a couple and individually as well. marriage counseling is highly recommended to anyone who is going through relationship struggles. prachi is one of the best in couple counseling.

Ricky B.

I have been consulting Prachi for over two months for my anger issues. Only after a few sessions I could see the changes in me. She listens to you carefully and gives nice and simple solutions of your problems. I am in a relationship and we are getting married soon, my anger issue was ruining the relationship gradually, thanks to Prachi that I can manage my anger and keep my cool in the stations where I used to get angry and yell. I strongly recommend to consult Prachi if someone has similar issues or if she/he is going through a rough time in life.

Rimo P.

I did few sessions with Prachi....I have been suffering mentally since a long time and was hesitant to seek help thinking I could deal with it myself.......but my condition was deteriorating and finally I went to Prachi....I have to say that the way she listened,understood and handled my problem is outstanding....during these sessions so many problems came up that I didn't know I was carrying inside me for all these years.....the way she guided me is truly remarkable...and what I really liked about her is that she didn't judge me.....I am definitely in a much better mental state n will continue seeing her for few more sessions.

Sanjukta Biswas

"kehte hai raat ke baad savera hota hain "every mums says this line. In starting I never believed it, at the end I did believe it after 1 month of counseling with Prachi (LetSmile). When we are ill, we go to a doctor for medicine but when we are depressed , stress we don't go anywhere . Sometimes our mind needs help, and thats where Prachi comes in. She will give you counseling sessions to improve or too building your hope /confidence without judging you. She is just like a friend who listens to you with patience and shows u the way to come out of dark room or negative thoughts or things that bothers you. don’t hesitate and if u r going through a worst patch of ur life like me. doesn't matter what age you are , just go for counseling...my confidence is building up day by day . After counseling I found my way of dissolving my anger, frustration as well as negative thoughts with her help. Check Her blogs letSmile and you will know how lovely a therapist she is. She finds the hope within you, motivate you so that u can give your life a second chance like I did…

Harshita Dhawan

Prachi ma'am has really helped me and brought a major change in my life and helped me in every possible way. Thank you so much !

Nandini A.

Awesome. The sessions helped me a lot to overcome all the issues i was going through in my life. It made me more confident as a person and helped me accept myself. i would definitely recommend therapy to anyone who is stuck in life, directionless, having trust issues and self hatred and also lost hope. counseling is knowing yourself better and accepting who you are and Prachi helped me in this process beautifully. Thank you Prachi. God bless.


When I started my sessions with Prachi, I was in the lowest point of my life. Back then I could not even spend a second alone with myself and my thoughts. After a couple of sessions, I already found some of the answers to what was making me so anxious, feel depressed and lose interest in life. She really listened to what I had to say and treated me with the compassion and openness that I needed. Within a couple of months, I felt like a new person. I didn't understand how I had been carrying so much emotional weight since childhood and I feel a lighter, more healthy, more clear-headed and driven a person today. Thanks to the counseling I received, I have a new-found confidence in myself, a better understanding of positive and negative influences, and I don't have to depend on others for my happiness anymore.

Reya Ahmed

I've been consulting Prachi for over few months now....and I can already feel the difference in myself...she listens very carefully to your problems and gives you the most practical solutions... I've never felt so confident and relaxed before but after every passing session with her I can feel it growing inside me.... I highly recommend her if any one is going through any problem be it small or big ... Mental health is as important as physical health... And there is nothing wrong in seeking help when needed... let's smile

Lisa Mondol

Our sessions with Dr Prachi were invaluable. Her knowledge, experience and approach ensured that together we identified, addressed and successfully resolved issues which we would never have been able to achieve alone, or through other forms of relationship counselling. We would absolutely recommend her to others and are so pleased we chose Prachi as our therapist.

Abhishek Sharma

Very good support for your end. Appreciate the knowledge received. Thank you for all the sessions.

Niraj Agarwal

I started counselling with Prachi for issues related to Anxiety Disorder and my experience with her has helped me realise that Mental Health Issues are SOLVABLE. The bad times, they will come to an end. From the moment I realised I have a major issue I was extremely scared and developed different kinds of fears around Mental Health and the stigma associated with it. Prachi has been helping me eradicate the fears that I developed and accept a version of myself who can fight through this illness and come out of it a stronger person.

Rishabh Roy

Its great to have your session Prachi di...LetSmile is a place where u can share ur emotions(no fear of being judged),,ur anxiety,, ur fear n everything... its makes u light from inside nd instills hope n positivity.. thankyou for being there always...

Lipika Hansda

A journey that transcend definition of myself. I met therapist Prachi and started my sessions with her. She is kind,generous and humble. In the first session itself I saw a slight improvement by talking with her, the ambiance and her soothing response to my issues gave me a motivation. I went there to resolve social anxiety, way of conversation in social situation, trust issue, low self esteem. I had total 5 sessions including a communication workshop. Over time all of my problems are resolved, as if I have recognized my true self. Thank you as I can feel myself after a decade.

Trijit Das

I was aimless, jobless, and an alcoholic for a good 2+ years. Had no motivation for anything. I wanted to change but did not know where to start... Till this day I thank myself for the fact that I decided to go for therapy.. And luck was on my side I guess that I got Practice as my therapist. She listened to me without judging and helped me overcome my issues..If you are having mixed thoughts about "whether to go for therapy or not" and are reading this.... Then I would say...please go for it... Don't stop yourself from doing one of the best things for yourself.! :)


Prachi is a lovely person. Within just a few sessions she showed me wonderful perspective about life which helped me immensely in dealing with the issues I was going through in life. I would like to consult her again whenever I need her advice on vital issues.

Sneha Singh

What should I say? I lost every hope of staying happy....I forgot the meaning of happiness and didnt see the beauty of life ...Then i went to Prachi Mam. She made counseling so easy going for me and made every step possible for me ... how to deal with life and how to see life in a very positive way. As soon as I entered the positive energy field that she exposed me to, i got was very positive and left with the same ....and Trust me even Today I never forget to smile. My life has become so Beautiful all thanks To Prachi Mam....

Priyam Goswami

Prachi is my therapist for some time now. Its my first time for counseling and her counseling techniques works really well for me, her views and ideas are amazing. I learned the meaning of “Smile” from Prachi. I would suggest her to my friends any day. Keep up the good work.

Dr. Alex Mcgready

Before starting counselling, I was very skeptical about how it would work ! I was suffering from anger issues , depression and lack of confidence . I got my appointment with prachi ma'am ! Her friendly and non judgemental attitude made all the difference . She is the person who made my life much easier and I am very much thankful to her ! Her sessions had made me discover myself again and motivated me to become a better person ! Thank u so much for understanding me and guiding me !

Priyanka Sahoo

After a lot of hesitation I finally decided to visit Dr. Prachi and it was one of the best decisions of my life. The best thing about her is that she is not at all judgemental and listens to her patients patiently. She helps not only to find the solutions to our problems but also makes us realise the root cause of the problem. She is friendly. Being a graphologist, she suggested me ways to improve my handwriting which actually helped me in changing my thought process! Thank you so much Dr. Prachi!


Prachi Ma'am genuinely changed my life. I went from depression, anxiety, a miserable relationship and frustrating life phases to being happy and confident in blissful life . What she did in few months many other therapists and techniques could not do. Most importantly, she has left me with an ability to keep myself well, rather than be dependent on her. Yes I'm improving living my life only because of her else I would have actually given up myself long back. A big thank u lots of love.. Let's smile


I walked into her room when I was broken inside..She listened to me thoroughly,made me comfortable,held my hand and took me into such a stage where I can answer the questions dat life was raising at me..The problems seemed to have gone or it didn't bother me that much..All I wanted to her is a big thank you..and I really wish I had a frnd like her in life..The woman is Prachi Rathi..A big thank you to u.

Ronit Banerjee

Before starting counseling ever, I was in a dilemma to that how it would work. But Dr. Prachi made it so easy for me that I never felt that I was communicating with a Psychologist. Her friendly attitude makes all the difference and smoothens the way for feeling better.

Soumya De

When i first met prachi mam i was very nervous how the session would be and will she be able to help will she understand my problem ...bt after a few sessions i became very comfertable in sharing my problems with her ...the best part about her is she is a very good listener she calmly listened to every problem and doubts of mine and then gave her views over it ...Her way of finding solutions to problems is very remarkable...i got alot of help from her and i definitely reconmend others to meet her as well .

Abhra Layek

I still can remember when i 1st met Ms.Prachi Rathi (My psychologist) that time I was depressed,sad,life had no direction, hopeless, I was scared about my identity, I didn't have any confidence and I was not being able to accept myself ..my life was in an ending point.... but Ms. Prachi, I don't know how tackled so many issues in just few sessions. she understood me better than myself, she made me more confident about who I was and am, and showed me the ray of hope. she taught me how to deal with problems and the best thing to happen from the sessions is that I've learnt to accept myself. She also helped me to tackle my academics related problems. She always motivated me, encouraged me & helped me to choose the right path for me. she is the best, really good at her work, she's smiles and makes everyone else around her smile too. I really want to say to Ms.Prachi that thank you for giving me my life back.Thank you for being a mentor, a teacher, a sister & a very best friend & giving me a lot of reason to smile. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who's considering counseling.


Prachi mam is the person who helped pulled me out of sadness. She is an amazing person with incredibly helpful, brilliant level of care and attention. And she also did a very good handwriting analysis for me: which helped me a lot to know more about myself. I feel blessed that I met you maam...keep smiling:)


Prachi is a very friendly and very comforting therapist. She listened to each and every detail of my problems attentively without being judgemental and gave me a very positive approach to overcome my complexes. must visit if you are stuck in your life.

Priya Agarwal

The best place with the best person, Prachi. She is the best person, with a lot of knowledge, amazing listener and has a lot of experience. She is great. Just great and I mean it. anyone can open up to her easily and talk about their problems.

Rishab Agarwal

I came to Prachi at a point in my life where I was directionless and not doing anything with my life. I was floating around. Lost. I had put myself in a shell. With no purpose and constant second guessing, I felt as if I had nothing to contribute to the society. But over the course of our sessions, Prachi broke each and every problem into manageable bits and made me tackle them and overcome everything. She made me into a well balanced and stable man who is positive in his outlook towards life. Prachi has this innate ability to look at everything in a way which is healthy as well as positive. This attitude is contagious and rubs off on you. I have recommended her to my friends and family and all of them have benefited immensely from her sessions. So, if you are going through some problems which you can't seem to manage on your own, and need a helpful ear to sort things out, you can with no hesitation come to Prachi. You will not be dissatisfied.


Prachi has helped me through a lot of turbulent emotions and tough times. I have gotten over a lot of fears and anxieties of the past and the future with her.


Prachi has been the perfect guiding light during all of my storms. Her approach to counselling is uniquely fresh. While being firm when needed she was the perfect support to lean on. Our sessions always dealt with the immediate problems but never lost focus of the bigger picture that need to be achieved. I came to Prachi during the absolute lowest time of my life. And today, the biggest credit for me still being here goes to her. So cudos Prachi! LetSmile!


I have taken several counselling sessions from Prachi Rathi ma'am and these sessions have helped me to solve my various problems. I was suffering from issues including lack of confidence, poor concentration, low self-esteem, anger problem, depression. I have learned from ma'am how to get rid of old incidents, how to move forward, how to be more positive in life and above all, the phrase, 'LetSmile'. Ma'am also makes the environment so simple that anyone can disclose all the problems very easily. These sessions have helped me to discover myself again and to come back in a very happy life.

Sanjib Khan

i went to meet prachi with massive social anxiety, I couldnt talk assertively and was in a downward spiral where i lost control over how my life was going. with therapy sessions for some time now my social anxiety is completely gone and now i am able to express myself freely. Prachi is very non-judgmental, and understands the people who are in their 20s very well, which was one of the my main concerns. While going to therapy was that someone old fashioned would judge me for my ways of living life, but Prachi was very understanding about everything. She gave me space to express myself and heard me over patiently. With each session I got much better. Highly recommended!