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Becoming a parent is rewarding, as well as challenging. The responsibilities that parents must fulfill are countless.

Parent counseling is crucial for every parent. This is a type of service that aims to provide the appropriate knowledge, tools, guidance, and most importantly support to parents to raise their children in changing times now. LetSmile make parents fully equipped to take care of their children.

 Parents have responsiblities of:

Raising children so that they can contribute to the society

Provide a better home which is loving, supporting, and caring.

Fulfill all the needs of their children.

Taking care of their respective spouses.

Give families a comfortable life.



Raising children can be hard for many reasons. Some common challenges parents face include:

Providing consistent care

Maintaining adult relationships

Financial difficulties

Feeling rushed or “out of time”

Scheduling and planning children’s days

Lack of sleep


Who needs Parenting Counseling?

You may need parent counseling if you experience following emotions:


Anxiety from constantly arguing with your child or spouse.

Feelings that you have to “tiptoe” around your spouse or child just to avoid an argument or temper tantrum.

Feelings of inadequacy because you cannot control your child’s destructive and/or unhealthy behaviors.

Fears that your child’s emotional and behavioral problems will intensify as he/she ages.

Concerns that past traumas will continue to follow your child into adulthood.

Fears that your past experiences will affect your ability to be a good parent.


If you need consultation about your parenting skills, LetSmile can provide you all the help you need. We have therapists who can greatly contribute to your concerns on parenthood.