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+91 97401 44286 208 Alphanso Estate, 5 Mangoe Lane, Kolkata
Online Counselling


ANYONE, for EVERYONE who may be worried by a short term or temporary tough phase.

The hard reality is, we ALL struggle with life problems - and anyone can be benefitted from counseling! It's not something that's just for people who are having a really tough time or are in mental crisis. 

Many of us face difficult times and problems in our lives. Just because you are struggling in life and looking out the support of an online professional counselor doesn't' mean you are "weak."

  • Counseling is for persons who are looking for more happiness and relaxed in their lives.
  • Counseling is for persons who need stable and/or intimate relationships.
  • Counseling is for persons who have strong desires better sex lives.
  • Counseling is for persons who wish to experience harmony.
  • Counseling is for persons who need self-awareness.
  • Counseling is for persons who are eager to knowing and understanding themselves in greater depth.
  • Counseling is for everyone!


Counseling is a therapy that allows a person to share his/her feelings and troubles they are facing in their lives.

The complete idea behind counseling is to EMPOWER individuals through the justification of individual thoughts & feelings. Hence a counselor will encourage individual to share his/her problems in a safe and quiet environment, will listen to you keenly, understands why you feel a certain way and then help you figure out the negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts.

Is Online Counseling Effective?

Online counseling, also we can say online therapy or e-therapy, empowers patients to take treatment remotely and is a convenient way to seek help.

Some therapy methods can work where patients receive treatment remotely through modern technologies.

Traditional therapy needs patients to take one or more appointments with a licensed counselor every week and also have to wait for their number.

Also, there are many cases when can’t be able to come to the clinic as they don’t have proper transportation and those with small children’s finds Online Counseling as one of the best ways of taking treatments.


LetSmile is one of the best online counseling centers in Kolkata, India.

Here, we help patients to heal, grow and thrive by treating them gently and giving a safe and confidential environment to express themselves.

You can connect on Skype call or WhatsApp call for Online Counseling.

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