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+91 97401 44286 205 Alphanso Estate, 5 Mangoe Lane, Kolkata
Career Counseling

LetSmile is helping students to choose right career path, by successfully chalking out the roadmap for their careers using psychological assessment tools.

Career Counseling is a multi-faceted discipline. There are a lot of factors that needs to be assessed like the interest are, aptitude, personality type and others to help guide students for the best career path.

There is a major need for Career Counselling these days. Every individual is unique and possesses different strengths and interests. It is extremely important to pay utmost attention to individual desires from a very young age. With changing times today, having the option of taking up multi-disciplinary approach in schools and colleges, it is stressful for students to make a choice and study their desired course. 

At LetSmile, we first evaluate a student’s profile, scrutinize his/her career aspirations, use psychological assessment tools, have counselling sessions with students and understand their limitations and provide them a detailed assessment of the career options they can pursue. We guide the students and their parents to make informed decisions on all these fronts: Types of programs, Universities and the course structure.

Graphology combined with Career Counselling is a full power package that gives valuable insight and help students find their true callings. We at LetSmile believe in providing Career Counselling services not just in Kolkata but across the globe. 

We focus on understanding a student’s aptitude and interests in order to pick a field for themselves with complete awareness from the ocean of choices. While we counsel students from all strata, we also reach out to the underprivileged to guide them whenever we can so that our talent and resources are utilized optimally and judicially.