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Adolescent Counseling

Adolescent or teenage counselling is aimed at helping young people make sense of their feelings, thoughts and behaviours. This can entail traditional talking therapy, or can use other techniques which draw on the expressive nature of young people- such as art therapy. These proactive and creative strategies can help an adolescent to thrive in a counselling environment.


Unfortunately almost every second teenager today faces some emotional challenges today. with the changing demands of the society they are exposed to a lot of unhealthy lifestyle patterns that disrupts their thinking pattern and makes them a victim of depression, anxiety, stress, addictions and so on. Hence the need for counselling aimed towards adolescents.

Who is an adolescent?

Adolescence is the stage when we make the transition from child to adult, this usually occurs between 10 and 19. This is a time which a great deal of both physical and mental changes take place, the physical changes often referred to as puberty. These changes may predispose adolescents to be sensitive, to experience mood swings and to have swings in confidence levels. For this reason, Adolescent counselling should ensure that they take into account this period of vulnerability when engaging in therapy with an adolescent.

Hazards of adolescence?

Adolescence is a time when young people find new friends, peer pressure comes truly into play and young people may first be exposed to drugs, alcohol or cigarettes, romantic inclinations etc. With all this temptation comes responsibility and it is the combination of the two which may cause anxiety and turbulence when going through puberty – all issues which can be explored through therapy.

When to get help:

If you are a young person and feel sad most of the time and this is affecting your work at school, relationships with friends or family, or you feel like your just not being you then you should really talk to someone. The same applies if you are feeling worried about your drug or alcohol use, social circle or any other pressures.

If you are a parent and see a change in your child's behaviour, their sleep and diet or even their declining school grades inspite of being a good student, its time to consult a Counsellor.

Accepting you need help is a first step, telling someone is the next and getting help today couldn’t be easier. You could speak to a parent, carer, teacher, school nurse, your GP or a trusted adult – they will then help you to take the next steps. If they don’t, tell someone else, trust your instincts that you feel down and require assistance.

LetSmile strongly believes that they are adolescents are future and so their all round well being and development which includes physical, mental and emotional health is essential for a brighter future. We have been instrumental in handling various teenage cases and bringing about a change in their lives.

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