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Employee Assistance and Wellness Program

Employee Assistance and Wellness Program

Professional counselling is increasingly being used to support and sustain an effective and motivated workforce. Counselling takes care of employee’s mental health and emotional well-being with a resulting increase in personal awareness and self-efficacy. Corporate counselling aims at engaging employees in making healthy lifestyle choices by providing the employees and the organization with the tools, resources, and knowledge to create a health work environment.

In today’s world, technology keeps expanding rapidly. What we know today may not be the same as what we may know tomorrow. Similarly, in the corporate world, there is a huge growth in tools used for technology. Learning how to use these tools efficiently and developing professional’s personality has become an important strategy for the progressive growth of a company. This is why for the last few years, a significant change has been seen in the importance given to corporate training.

Many organizations face a gap in the growth of their productivity. This is because there is a shortage in the skill sets of their employees and also, more often than not, a communication breach between the respective teams. This means that companies will have to continuously train their present and new employees throughout the year on different topics. This is a harsh truth that companies have to face because staying up to date with skills and technology is a definite strategy for the development of a company.

Organisations that invest in their staff's all-round welfare, including their psychological and relationship health, have been shown to experience significant direct benefits such as lower absenteeism, higher productivity and lower attrition, as also indirect benefits through better morale and increased effectiveness, as staff are able to work at their best when their energies are not spent on emotional/ relational or psychological issues.

Personal issues can have a major impact on the workplace, families, organisations and of course the individual themselves. Problems might include work, health, relationships, bereavement and other forms of loss, emotional disturbance or someone might feel they just ‘need someone to talk to’.

LetSmile services are very cost effective means of providing wellbeing to your employees, and increasing their productivity in-turn benefitting the company overall. We cater to increasing job satisfaction, reducing inter-personal conflicts, recruiting new candidates, motivating employees and organising activities that benefit their mental, emotional and physical well being.