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+91 97401 44286 208 Alphanso Estate, 5 Mangoe Lane, Kolkata

SMILE is the only curve that sets things straight.

Smile is an expression of our emotions which not only makes us feel good but also help others to see through our true self.  It has a mirror effect (When I smile at you, you smile back). Its an amazing ice-breaker, one of the easiest ways to start and build relationships  or deal with difficult situations in our lives.

Would you like interacting with someone who has a dull or a poker face?  No, right? How many of us have gone “awww…so cute” on seeing a baby smile. how many of us smiled back? Yes that’s the mirror effect. We do it in our everyday lives, but just don’t realize it.

Yes Smile Matters.

Today when we are busy competing in the rat race of life, we miss out on the basic expression of smiling. When was the last time you smiled genuinely? I am talking about a natural/genuine smile and not the smile we generally wear, to either get our work done or as a compulsion (social norms).

But does this fake smile help? Not always. Does it make us happy? Maybe, but for how long? Then why not wear the genuine smile that we are all born with.

We all have been reading a lot of articles that talks about the physiological effects of smiling and so I am not going to get into that. I will rather focus on the feelings, the change it brings in us and around us when we smile genuinely.

Let's share our Smile remembering the mirror effect and make world a beautiful place to live in. Yes, SMILE MATTERS. 

- Prachi Rathi

  Psychological Counselor, Graphologist and Life Skills Trainer.