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I… Ego or Expression of myself.

Hola readers! So we start from where we left. In my last blog we see how using ‘I’ statements bring about a difference in the way we feel while communicating. After my last blog, I received various questions like, “don’t you think stating more of ‘I’ makes one selfish? Or I statements sounds so mean and rude?” So I decided to answer these first.

When I ask you to use more of ‘I’ statements in a conversation, I do not intend to bring out an egoistic, self-centred conversation. The benefit of using ‘I’ statements is to simplify our communication and avoid chances of miscommunication. It brings about clarity while stating our needs. It also helps the other person understand the purpose of communication and thereby makes it easier to comprehend. But yes there is a difference in an ‘I’ i.e. the ego and an ‘I’ which is used to express ourselves. For example, “I want you to finish this now.” and “I will feel good if this work is done now”.

What matters along with this is the Tone of communication (Loud/mild/soft), the content of the message conveyed, the Medium of communication (face to face/telephonic/emails), noise and distractions if any, the Recipient (family/friend/colleagues/acquaintances) of the message and various other factors. These factors play a major role in determining how the message was conveyed and comprehended by the receiver. But in totality, if a perfect combination of the above factors and ‘I’ statements are done, it makes way for a great communication.

Readers! Go ahead and try for yourself and see if you feel the difference. I would love to have a feedback from you all but till you try it out and write back to me…

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- Prachi Rathi

Psychologist, Counsellor, Graphologist and Life Skills Trainer at   LetSmile- Counselling Centre for Your Happiness.