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Children Absorbs Parents Vibrations
Children Absorb Parents Vibrations “Don’t worry if your children never listen to you, worry that they are always watching you and most importantly they are always around you, absorbing your vibrations.” I receive a lot of messages asking if vibrations is the same as vibes, what are these vibrations actually and many more. So let me begin with explaining you what these vibrations are and then how it affects children and people around you. Yes vibes, vibrations are the same thing. Its basically our energy, energy of our thoughts. Each thought that we create has certain energy in it which gets transferred to others around. Science, spirituality, psychology all have agreed with this fact in their own languages. And since energy can’t be contained it gets passed on. Several social experiments have also been done across the world on how are positive or negative thoughts basically energy affects our plants and animals around us. If they can catch our vibrations, definitely people around us can too. Most of the time, we all have felt good or bad vibes from a person irrespective of their behavior. Children because they are pure souls, clean states absorbs maximum of these vibrations. Hence, it is of utmost importance for all of us to be cautious of the thoughts we create because even if we don’t say it loud, children absorb our energies. Let’s explore this in details. A small child does not have a clutter of his own thoughts nor ego or feelings developed. He is pure, innocent and absorbent and hence has the highest catching power especially in the womb. From ages we have heard people say to expectant mothers to think positive, be stress free and so on. It is done so that mother has positive impact on the child’s overall health. Parents should be careful right from the beginning. We must ensure that when the child is in the womb of the mother we don’t create any thoughts of rejection for the child. It takes a lifetime to heal the feeling of rejection. We see in a lot of families, when a child is to be born, families start discussing how a specific gender boy/girl would bring happiness in their lives, or start buying clothes and toys accordingly. Are we actually welcoming the child? It is Rejection for the child. All we should care about is the child being born healthy and happy. Mothers, you photocopy your emotions onto your children, so please be careful. There is a recent trend of parents deciding the date and time of birth of their children. The thought behind is to control their destiny. No doubt the intention is to benefit the child but the message sent is dependency on these things. Parents definitely have a lot of power in shaping up the future of their child. But it all starts with giving them the right thoughts. Thoughts -> Feelings -> Actions -> Habits -> Personality -> Destiny Let’s experiment, Go out in a park mostly with children and get into a fight or a loud irritated conversion over phone with someone else. After that see how many kids are comfortable coming close to you. When we ensure we give them good food, education and other comforts, we should also ensure what thoughts and vibrations we are giving them. If there’s constant stress and conflict in house, it will affect both physical and mental health of the child. Parent’s stress gets transferred to children and affects their immunity. This means parents should first take care of themselves, their thoughts and environment at home for the healthy upbringing of the child. In my sessions when I ask children what is painful to them, almost all of them answer saying parents being upset or scolding them. Parents while scolding your children, you do it for their good and with a good intention but how do kids receive it, especially when the episode is dragged on for days, months and sometimes years. By doing this we are actually crushing their self esteem. When parents say you always do this, its not the first time, we attack the children instead of their actions. We attack their self-respect, the energy depletes and they end up repeating the mistakes. I know many homes in which a mistake done as a child is reminded to them even when they grow up as adults or teenagers. Our children are definitely more important than the mistakes they make. Empowering them by checking our thoughts, words and actions will help them discipline better and not repeat mistakes. Children use the colour of opinions by parents and elders to shape up their personality. So when we keep creating thoughts like you are no good, you can’t do it, the child internalizes the belief. He holds on to it even when he grows up without realizing when it actually happened. We have the power to create positive programming in their mind that would last lifetime by working on ourselves and keeping check on our thoughts and actions. 1) It all begins with understanding and accepting that parents were not born parents. They too can make mistakes in parenting while having good intentions. Important is to rectify the mistakes. 2) Even when we have to point out weakness in our children, first highlight and appreciate the good qualities. Appreciation is the fuel to transformation. Point their weaknesses in a line and empower them more not vice versa. 3) Be careful of the normal or casual remarks you make in front of your children, it affects them lifetime. Create a new healthy normal for your family. 4) Keep the environment at home positive and warm. That would require you to check your thoughts throughout the day. 5) Parenting doesn’t start when your child comes out, it starts from the womb. 6) Parents its okay if it has gone wrong in the past. Its still not late. Be cautious and aware of your thoughts and send positive vibrations to your children. Ending with a quote by Andy Smithson, “The sign of great parenting is not the child’s behavior. The sign of truly great parenting is the parent’s behavior.” Prachi Rathi Pyschological Counselor, Graphologist, Life Skills Trainer, Owner of LetSmile - Counseling Center For Your Happiness.