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+91 97401 44286 208 Alphanso Estate, 5 Mangoe Lane, Kolkata

Prachi Rathi

Psychological Counselor, Graphologist and Life Skills Trainer

Prachi Rathi Prachi is a Psychological Counselor, Graphologist and Life Skills Trainer working with clients to help them overcome life issues that they are struggling with. She is the Owner and Founder of LetSmile- Counseling Centre For Your Happiness. Prachi strongly believes in breaking the stigma attached with Mental health and that Mental & Emotional well-being is as important as Physical wellbeing and one should not shy away from seeking professional help for the same. Prachi has been working actively in this field for more than 4 years and has brought smile back on nearly 4000 faces with her Eclectic Counseling approach, Training and Life Coaching sessions across 9 countries. A council member of Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (W.B.), and Expert panel member of Taare Zameen Par group, she is the in-house Psychological Counselor and Life Skills Trainer of Siemens Ltd. (Eastern India), Ankuram (Kolkata) and Inspire Living Management Academy (Lucknow). Prachi has also worked as the School Counselor for Don Bosco School, Liluah and Aurinko Academy, Bangalore. Prachi has been an expert panel member in Awareness Talks organised by Press Information Bureau(PIB) Guwahati, under the Government of India Covid-19 Awareness programmes that got published across various newspapers, AIR and other media sources in the north-east. All these talks focussed on children, youth, women, divyangs, and workplace motivation (October, 2020- February, 2021). She was invited to conduct awareness talks on dealing with Pandemic Exhaustion by various forums like Central Kolkata CA Circle, Dwirbano and Bloodconnect (April-May,2021). Prachi was invited as a guest speaker for Webinars organized by Symbiosis College for Liberal Arts, Pune on Graphology (2020), Gajera International School, Surat (November, 2020), Maheshwari Professionals Forum and Taare Zameen Par (April, May and June 2020 respectively) She also conducted seminars for J.D.Birla Institute, Kolkata, on Projective Techniques used in counselling (October,2019), St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, on Mental and Emotional Well-being of students (2018) and Hazaribagh Opthalmic Forum and Sharp Eye Foundation, Hazaribagh, Ranchi on Effective Communication skills and Team Work for doctors and their staff (2018 & 2019). Her articles were published in Othello e-magazine (June,2020), Psychologs magazine and she was recognized as the Top Author for the same (February & November edition, 2019), and Times of India, Ranchi, (11th march, 2019). Prachi knows that there is no single approach that works for everyone and so she continues to update her knowledge and skills on emerging therapies and psychological trends to provide for comprehensive program that works for her client’s well-being. She is certified in various Alternative Healing practices such as EFT, Reiki (L-2), Chakra healing, Power of Sub-conscious, Yoga and Mindfulness. Prachi has completed her M.Sc in Psychological Counselling from Indian Institute of Psychology and Research, Bangalore. Besides Counselling, she loves dancing and sports. Her campaigns for the Defence Forces of India and various social drives show her enthusiasm in continuing to serve the nation to her best capabilities. In future she plans to continue advocating for Mental and Emotional Well-being and make Therapy accessible to everyone.

Deepa Banerjee

Psychological Counselor

Deepa is a practicing Counselling Psychologist with over an year of experience. She provides guidance and counselling using an eclectic approach for her clients. Deepa has her specialization in dealing with different issues like relationship issues, anger, stress and anxiety, panic attack, academic difficulties and many more. She is comfortable in three different languages (English, Bengali and Hindi). Through her work, deepa has helped her clients ranging from children to adults to have a well balanced life that ensures mental and emotional well-being. Her non-judgmental and emphatic attitude helps to provide the clients with a comfortable space to express themselves freely and eventually get better.