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+91 97401 44286 205 Alphanso Estate, 5 Mangoe Lane, Kolkata
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About LetSmile

LetSmile is a Psychological Counselling centre in Kolkata. It is founded by young and enthusiastic Prachi Rathi, a post-graduate in Psychological Counseling from IIPR (Indian Institute of Psychology and Research), Bangalore.

The Centre is committed to provide compassionate, professional and affordable counselling services.
Through counselling and training programs, the centre helps groups, individuals, couples and families resolve emotional and social problems. Through the services provided by the centre, LetSmile thrives to meet the changing demands of the society. Our strength lies in our distinct approach to therapy and training. We believe in empowering our clients with healthy coping mechanisms and techniques to deal with their life issues efficiently and effectively.

Counselling will be a journey of self-discovery, insight development and happiness for the clients. The sessions would remain confidential and facilitate better decision making abilities, resolving life issues both inter-personal and intra-personal and promote greater understanding of personal goals and values.

LetSmile believes in improving the well-being of individuals, families and workplaces and breaking the stigma attached with mental health by delivering best practices in Counseling and Training.

Prachi Rathi

Psychological Counselor, Graphologist and Life Skills Trainer.

Prachi Rathi is a Psychological Counselor, Graphologist, Life Skills Trainer and Life Coach who works with Clients to help them overcome life issues that they are struggling with. She is also the Owner and Founder of LetSmile- Counseling Centre For Your Happiness.
Prachi strongly believes in breaking the stigma attached with Mental health and that Mental and Emotional well-being is as important as Physical wellbeing and one should not shy away from seeking professional help for the same.
Prachi is the in-house Psychological Counselor and Life Skills Trainer for Siemens (Kolkata). Prachi is also associated with Ankuram (Kolkata) and Inspire Living Management Academy (Lucknow), as their in-house Psychological Counselor and Life Skills Trainer. She is also one of the Expert panel members of Taare Zameen Par group.
She was also the School Counselor for Don Bosco School, Liluah.
Prachi has been working actively in this field for more than 3 years and has brought smile back on nearly 3000 faces with her counseling, training and life coaching sessions across 9 countries.

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I went to Prachi full of fear and trepidation, but fully knowing I needed help. I fully credit her for helping me completely overhaul areas of my life. She is an incredibly open-minded, understanding, ever smiling and empathetic person who made me feel that I could talk about anything. She really helped me to see things as they actually are, and not as I thought they were. She offered many unique, insightful and penetrating interpretations, which questioned many of my actions and thought processes and turned some of my previous beliefs upside down. I was frequently challenged to consider things from a different perspective and acknowledge the influence of my subconscious self. She was brutally candid at times, which I really appreciated, as this was all about openness and honesty and made me realize that things which I took as acceptable, might at times cause stress to those around me. She also helped me air frustrations objectively, when at times, I thought I would hit a brick wall. When I thought I was always right she cleared the perspective and balance, which was the most insightful part of our interactions. Slowly but surely, she helped me navigate a different pathway, and, despite some hurdles along the way, until I felt safe enough to be left in charge of my own life again. I found this as an incredibly cathartic experience and after more than twelve months of therapy, I am in a much better place. I would strongly recommend Prachi and the counselling she provides. Thank you so much, Prachi - you have helped change my life for the better!


I started counselling with Prachi for issues related to Anxiety Disorder and my experience with her has helped me realise that Mental Health Issues are SOLVABLE. The bad times, they will come to an end. From the moment I realised I have a major issue I was extremely scared and developed different kinds of fears around Mental Health and the stigma associated with it. Prachi has been helping me eradicate the fears that I developed and accept a version of myself who can fight through this illness and come out of it a stronger person.

Rishabh Roy

When I started my sessions with Prachi, I was in the lowest point of my life. Back then I could not even spend a second alone with myself and my thoughts. After a couple of sessions, I already found some of the answers to what was making me so anxious, feel depressed and lose interest in life. She really listened to what I had to say and treated me with the compassion and openness that I needed. Within a couple of months, I felt like a new person. I didn't understand how I had been carrying so much emotional weight since childhood and I feel a lighter, more healthy, more clear-headed and driven a person today. Thanks to the counseling I received, I have a new-found confidence in myself, a better understanding of positive and negative influences, and I don't have to depend on others for my happiness anymore.

Reya Ahmed

Prachi!!! Amazing counselor and a guide. It’s been almost a year now that I have been visiting her . She makes me feel so comfortable and talks like a friend to me . She hears me out so patiently that half my worries just dies out then and there . Each single piece of her advice worked like wonders for me . We know the answers to lot of our own problems but have hard time to implement them , with her guidance it becomes so easy and possible. The positively that she infused in my heart and mind makes you feel so calm . Suddenly my life which I thought was in a big mess have started to fall in place . Everything feels so good now . The irritation and frustration have just vanished. . All thanks to Prachi.

Rashmi Agarwal

I did few sessions with Prachi....I have been suffering mentally since a long time and was hesitant to seek help thinking I could deal with it myself.......but my condition was deteriorating and finally I went to Prachi....I have to say that the way she listened,understood and handled my problem is outstanding....during these sessions so many problems came up that I didn't know I was carrying inside me for all these years.....the way she guided me is truly remarkable...and what I really liked about her is that she didn't judge me.....I am definitely in a much better mental state n will continue seeing her for few more sessions.

Sanjukta Biswas
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